Two Grizzly Bear Attacks Reported by FWS and WGFD

By FarWide October 12, 2020

(Investigations are ongoing by FWS and WGFD regarding grizzly bear attacks on two hunters in Wyoming) 

Recent bear attacks on two hunters in Wyoming have once again established the extensive presence of grizzly bears in the region. While both hunters survived, these two incidents have put FWS and WGFD on high alert. 

 bear attacks on two hunters in Wyoming

As per comments released by WGFD – Wyoming Game and Fish Department – the first of the two attacks took place on September 24th towards the evening. The incident took place in the elk hunting area of Thorofare. The injured hunter was hospitalized after being airlifted from the site of the attack. The following Saturday, there was another grizzly bear attack that occurred on Rattlesnake Mountain. The bear charged at an archery hunter in the region west of Cody. Thankfully, the hunter escaped unharmed and the bear was hunted down.

The Fish and Wildlife Service of the US is getting assistance from WGFD in these investigations.

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