The Thrills of Hunting Season NY 2021

By FarWide January 14, 2021

The upcoming hunting season NY awaits hunters with its recently reduced license fees, the introduction of new crossbow legislation, and the opening up of additional state lands. Refreshers, as well as first-time hunters, are signing up for Hunter Education Courses and applying for required hunting licenses to experience the thrills of Hunting Season NY 2021. 

Big Game Hunting Season NY 2021

Hunting in New York State takes adventurists to vast, scenic grounds flush with waterfowl, black bears, wild turkey, whitetail deer, and several other animal species. Coyote Hunting Season is the longest hunting season in New York.

It’s important for sportsmen to know about the season dates for the big game, in advance to make plans and schedule vacations accordingly. The table below explains the muzzle-loading, bow hunting and regular NY hunting seasons for black bear and whitetail deer.

NY Big Game Hunting Season Dates




Northern Zone Early Bear (including some WMUs) 1st Saturday post the 2nd Monday in September, just prior to the early muzzle-loading period
Bear- Early Bowhunting 1st Saturday post the 2nd Monday in September just before the regular season
Deer – Early Bowhunting September 27th to the Friday that comes just before the regular season
Bear & Deer Early Muzzleloading From 1st Saturday post-Columbus Day, for the next 7 consecutive days
Deer & Bear – Regular From 2nd Saturday post-Columbus Day, for the next 44 consecutive days
Deer – Muzzleloading and Late Bow 7 consecutive days soon after the end of the regular season
Southern Zone Deer & Bear – Early Bowhunting October 1 to the Friday soon after the regular season ends
Deer & Bear – Regular season 23 days after the 3rd Saturday of November
Deer & Bear – Muzzleloading and Late Bowhunting 9 consecutive days soon after the regular season
Westchester County Deer & Bear (regular bowhunting) October 1st to December 31st
Suffolk County Regular – Deer (bowhunting only) October 1 through January 31
Special Firearms Season – Deer The first Sunday in January through January 31

You can log in to farwide.com to get detailed information on season dates for hunting season in NY. Along with bear and whitetail deer hunting, their experts have current and updated information about the season dates for hunting elks, ducks, birds, wild hogs, bison, and all other species that can be legally hunted in New York.

Animals Hunters Can Aim for in New York 

The following animal species are considered fair game for hunters in New York. 

Whitetail Deer

The hunting season NY comprises of three different seasons – muzzleloader, archery, and regular firearms. The rules and seasons are different in line with the area in which they are hunted. For hunters (aged 14-15), NY presents the Columbus Day Weekend Youth Firearms Hunt every year. 

Black Bear

Adirondacks, Appalachian Hills, the plateau regions, Catskills, and many other parts of the New York State have early, muzzleloader, archery, and regular bear hunting seasons.

Wild Turkey
The fall and spring turkey hunting seasons in NY are as follows:
  1. Spring season – hunters head for upstate New York (northwards of Bronx). 
  2. Fall season – there are 6 season zones with the hunting hours extending from sunrise to sunset. 

Depending on the season, it is legal to hunt pheasants, squirrels (fox, black and grey), ruffed grouse, American woodcock, cottontail rabbit, varying (snowshoe) hare, Bobwhite quail, waterfowl, Canada geese, snow geese, great scaup (bluebills), mallard duck, northern pintail, wood duck, common mergansers, American black duck, sea ducks, etc. in New York. The furbearers that can be legally hunted include coyote, red fox, bobcat, raccoon, gray fox, weasel, mink, opossum, skunk, and muskrat. Do check out the other species that can be legally hunted in New York wilds before you plan your trip. 

Hunting License and Regulations In NY
  • Hunting, trapping as well as fishing licenses are to be purchased from authorized sources only. 
  • The mandatory hunter education course is for those who do not have any proof of having a hunting license, ever. 
  • There are mandatory bowhunter education and crossbow requirements that have to be adhered to. 
  • The permits and licenses hold validity from September 1 to August 31.
  • Another person’s license cannot be used for any type of hunting.
  • Having a license to trap, hunt, or fish does not allow hunters to trespass on private properties without getting the permission of respective landowners.
  • Only a single hunting license can be legally purchased each year and has to be carried all the time while hunting. 

There are several other hunting regulations, permits, and licenses that require consideration.

Top Places in New York to Enjoy the Next Hunting Season

Pro hunters and new enthusiasts come from far and wide to try their luck at state forests, state parks, Wildlife Management Areas, and other state-owned lands. These public lands allow for trapping and hunting during appropriate seasons.  

Over 85 percent of land in NY belongs to private owners and are heavily frequented during NY hunting seasons.

The other places to hunt in NY include:
  • New York City Watershed Lands
  • Wertheim National Wildlife Refuge
  • Fort Drum Military Base
  •  Finger Lakes National Forest
  • Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge, etc.
Connect With The Hunters In NY and get first hand information

It’s important to have updated information on how to go ahead with your plans in the upcoming season. Outdoors in New York are thrilling provided you know where to go, how to get your licenses, what to carry, the tools and equipment for hunting, etc. Download the free FarWide App and find all relevant information required to plan a hunting trip to New York. You can even connect with the local Hunters in New York through our newly launched Social Media Platform, FarWide Feed, for first-hand information and experiences.

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