Spring Turkey Season

By FarWide December 22, 2020
Spring Turkey Season

US Spring Turkey Season 2020-2021 – Important Information for Wild Turkey Hunters

Heightened levels of commercial hunting and habitat destruction impacted the turkey population gravely in the 1900s. The wildlife conservation organizations and various agencies brought in a series of regulations and changes to combat the situation.

Wild turkey activities differ across different seasons in the various parts of North America. For instance, the spring turkey season is considered to be the most exciting of all. Most turkey hunters head for their favorite locations between mid-to-late fall and early parts of spring to get the coveted haul. 

Turkey Hunting in 2021

There are above 7 million wild turkeys to be found in various parts of the country. The upcoming 2021 spring wild turkey hunting season is all set to maximize hunter opportunity while giving off satisfactory hunting experiences. Various states have laid down their license quotas to help hunters harvest the number of turkeys specified by the management. 

For example, the 2021 turkey hunting information for the State of Michigan is as follows:

  • Only people above ten years of age can apply for one limited-quota license from January 1 – February 1, 2021. The license can be used for spring turkey hunt units during the specified season dates. 
  • The spring turkey season applications go through a draw; only the selected applicants can buy one limited-quota license.
  • For those who do not get success in the draw can wait until March 8 to buy the license valid for another hunt period, provided they are leftover and available after collection by the successful lot. 
  • The licenses for early and late wild turkey season hunts can be bought from local-retailers or online.
Turkey Hunting License, Turkey Bag Limits

Hunters wanting to go after wild turkeys during the spring season, or the fall archery and the firearms (fall) seasons, require in-depth information about permissible equipment, permits, hunting licenses, and conservation stamps for game birds. The details would be specific to separate seasons and states.  The same is true for the season lengths and hunting bag limits applicable to spring turkey firearms and archery hunters. 

For instance, the following laws and regulations are specific to the spring turkey season in Connecticut and Indiana.

Spring Season Dates (Connecticut)Bag LimitsHunting HoursLicense/Permits CT Residents

April 28 – May 29 

State and private lands, and landowner properties
5 bearded birds (every season on a state or private land, or both½ hour before the beginning of sunrise to sunsetFirearms hunting license/ Small Game & Deer Archery Permit 
Connecticut Resident Game Bird Conservation Stamp.

Spring Season Dates (Indiana)
Bag LimitsHunting HoursLicense/Permits CT Residents

April 21 through May 9, 2021.
One bearded/male turkeyOne-half hour prior to sunrise to sunsetTurkey hunting license 
Game Bird Habitat Stamp
Spring Turkey Season

Learn more about hunting regulations in different US states, permissible firearms, bows and arrows for wild turkey hunting, and how to go about your Turkey Hunting trip through our regularly updated content, which is put together by our Hunting and Outdoor experts. 

The Most Popular Turkey Hunting States

The best thing about Spring Turkey Season is that there is no lack of choices when it comes to places. Most states provide Over The Counter Tags and there are several Public Land Properties too, where Turkey populations are always thriving. To narrowdown your choices and make your planning easier, we have shortlisted 5 states that are favourites to our experts when it comes to Turkey Hunting –

  • South Dakota –
  • Nebraska
  • Kansas
  • Oklahoma
  • Texas

Season dates and regulations vary from one state to another and even in different parts of the state. Download FarWide App to quickly access all related information easily with your smartphone.

Spring Wild Turkey Hunting Equipment

The hunting equipment, firearms and other accessories for spring season wild turkey hunting are usually different for the fall wild turkey season hunts. Farwide.com provides a closer look at what to expect in terms of turkey hunting equipment for different states, bag limits and seasons. 

Given under are the details for 2020-2021 wild turkey spring season dates/ bag limits for Maine:

Spring Wild Turkey
(crossbow, shotgun, bow and arrow)
Wildlife Management Districts # 7, 9 to 29
May 3 to June 5, 2021 for all hunters
2 wild turkeys (bearded)
Wildlife Management Districts # 1-6, 8

May 3 to June 5, 2021 for all hunters

1 wild turkey (bearded)
Youth Wild Turkey Spring Hunting Day

May 1st, 2021
2 wild turkeys (bearded) from WMDs having 2-bird limit.
2021 Spring Turkey Season Hunting Permit

The permit application process for hunting turkey in US during spring is quite detailed. You may want expert help from Farwide to understand the changes, lottery notes, directions, regulations and status checks. It will be easy for you to get turkey hunting permits and figure out State-wise regulations for permits, stamps and licenses, fees and other details by signing up with Farwide

For example, in New Jersey, the turkey permits for spring season 2021:

  • Are allocated through a lottery. You are more likely to get the period and area of your choice by applying for the draw rather than opt for over-the-counter purchase of leftover permits. 
  • The application period for this purpose will last from January 25–February 22, 2021.
  • The award notifications start soon after the lottery is held.
  • The picking up of permits will start from March 1 and end at 11:59 pm on March 24. 
  • All unclaimed but awarded permits are to be redistributed through OTC sales.

What are you waiting for?

Download and use the Farwide app to access all necessary information for the spring turkey season 2021. Also learn about the common turkey hunting mistakes to be avoided, the equipment and firearms to use, the best time for turkey hunting in spring, tips and guidelines for hunting wild turkeys, and a lot more. 

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