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By FarWide September 10, 2020

There is currently a strong push throughout the hunting and fishing industry to increase exposure to the outdoors. A downward trend in license sales is the main driving force behind this effort. Wildlife managers are rightly concerned that decreased license sales will leave money ear tagged for conservation increasingly scarce. Becoming a hunting mentor and exposing newcomers is a great way to fight this downward trend. Here are a few ways FarWide can help introduce new people to hunting and fishing in a responsible manner.

Do your homework

An informed mentor is a good mentor and FarWide is a great place to double check things you have learned over your years in the field. Make sure you are spot on with things like firearm restrictions, season dates, and bag limits. It is not a good look to mix up fish and game laws when someone else is counting on you to be the authority.

Plan with your partner

The public land data available on FarWide is a great starting point for picking a place to hunt or fish. Allow the newcomer to see all the public land around your area so that getting outside seems less daunting. Sure, you know of some spots others never will but that comes with time. Public land allows new hunters to get their feet wet without having to secure permission or purchase private land.

Understand property boundaries

In an age where property boundaries are increasingly important due to regulation or ownership differences, it is paramount to know exactly where you are. FarWide’s property boundaries can be downloaded and saved for offline use. This allows you and your new partner to know you’re not trespassing and focus on other aspects of the experience.

Engaging a new partner in your sport is an important step in ensuring that funding sources remain available for conservation. However, it is also an opportunity to rededicate yourself to the pursuit. When you take on the added responsibility of becoming a hunting mentor you are forced to ensure that you know what you are doing. Using FarWide adds a level of comfort in knowing you have the basics squared away.

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