Montana Outdoors | Moving Meat

By FarWide November 1, 2021
Moving Meat Cover
Montana Outdoors | Moving Meat

After hours of prep and planning your hunt, you get up and hit the trail early. Get to your spot before sunlight. Pack your gear and rifle or bow out. You see the animal you’ve been dreaming about for a month now, bring your sights up take aim, and make the shot you’ve been practicing. Now it’s time for the real work to begin.

Moving Meat

In this great article from Montana Outdoors magazine learn some tips and tricks to make “Moving Meat” a little easier on yourself. They cover everything from the pros and cons of using llamas to other more primitive methods of getting your meat home safely and efficiently.

Even if you can drive right up to the animal that might not make getting a full-size elk in the back of the pickup easy as you’ll read about. A little prep can go a long way and save a lot of work.

Article: Montana Outdoors | Moving Meat

You can also check out more great content by Montana Outdoors at this link.

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