Massive 11ft Hammerhead Caught During Tournament

By FarWide September 22, 2021

Corpus Christi resident catchest her personal best 11.5ft hammerhead shark.

Hammerhead Shark mouth open
Jen Merchant

While participating in the Texas Shark Rodeo, Jen Merchant hooked into the largest shark of her life. “I’ve been trying to get one over 10 feet for a while,” said Merchant “I couldn’t have done it without Tim Merchant and Dustin Hickey there to help every step of the way.”

This massive 11.5ft shark was caught during Labor Day Weekend and took 45 minutes to get to shore. The shark had multiple hooks embedded in its jaw which cause damage and discomfort for the animal. Merchant and her team removed all the hooks and safely released the shark back into the ocean.

Jen Merchant

Along with safely removing and releasing the animal back into the ocean. The team also collect DNA samples and insert a GPS tracker near the shark’s dorsal fin.

Texas Shark Rodeo

The Texas Shark Rodeo is a catch-photo-release team-oriented shark tournament that tags and collects data from sharks to support the conservation efforts of sharks. This current year over 800 sharks have been tagged, and over 1100 sharks caught for this event.

Great work Jen! Nice catch!



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