Man Jigs Up Bass While Scuba Diving the Niagra River

By FarWide September 14, 2020
Upper niagara river underwater fishing wicked bass hit.

Wow! Here’s something we never thought we’d see! Watch as this guy scuba dives in the Upper Niagra River among a pod of smallmouth bass. He has a little ice fishing rod with him, and watches as a bass inhales his jig just 2 feet from him!

You might be wondering why these bass aren’t spooked by the diver. As most underwater photographers will tell you, fish are much less afraid of something that is in the water with them. This is not endemic to only smallmouth bass. Even fish that we might consider spookier like trout are more curious than afraid when you are fully emerged with them. The lesson? Next time you’re fishing close quarters, try getting in the water!

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