Major Changes Oregon 2022 Archery Season

By FarWide September 3, 2021
Bull Elk
Photo by Byron Johnson

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) is proposing major changes to the upcoming 2022 Oregon archery elk season. The changes would see 13 Wildlife Management Units (WMUs) and 3 sub-units move to controlled archery hunts in the northeastern part of the state. Five units would be combined to create a single Eagle Cap Zone Hunt.

Map of Oregon WMUs

Reasons For Change

Over the last 40 years, archery hunting has become more and more popular. When the 30-day general archery season began in 1983, it was intended to draw hunters away from the crowded rifle season. Since then, bow hunting has not only risen in popularity but with more people archery hunting, and advancements in bow hunting technology lead to an outcome of higher success rates.

With archery hunting being more popular it is now causing over-crowding and complaints among archery hunters. According to the ODFW website “These changes are needed to help wildlife managers meet elk plan objectives in areas with low bull ratios and in areas with a high percentage of branch antlered bull harvest occurring within the general archery season.”

The 2022 hunting regulations will be presented at the September Commission meeting.

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2021 Season

We already saw this change for deer season in 2021. Many of the WMUs in eastern Oregon changed from a general season tag to controlled hunts. This was once again to help control the declining Mule Deer populations according to ODFW.

Along with those changes, Oregon will now allow hunting with crossbows only during “any legal weapon seasons for big game.”

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RK November 20, 2021 02:52:25 AM
If keep posting your FAVORITE hunting spots/units and there WONT be anymore “favorite” spots/units that exist, no thanks to social media!
Dwayne D October 29, 2021 12:41:37 PM
There's plenty of elk to go around in ukia and starkey.get off the beaten path
Steve West October 21, 2021 06:00:02 PM
You have to spread the hunting pressure out - the Starkey, Heppner, and Ukiah Units are all over hunted in some public lands areas. One way to distribute hunting pressure is through a limited tag number allocated through a draw. The tags will be easy to draw though... so you shouldn't have any problem getting a tag each year if it is your first choice on your application.
Roger fuchs October 21, 2021 03:36:09 PM
As a 66 yr old nonresident archery hunter I don't have alot of elk hunts left, would like to take grandson but with draw system it might not happen ,would like to see choose your weapon or tag allotment per unit instead of a drawing, so if you wanted a tag you could probably get one.
Caleb Taylor October 18, 2021 08:36:12 PM
I have hunted the starkey unit for 11 years now absolutely love it and now I have to draw to hunt my child hood bow hunting area . Wtf is this garbage . What is the reason for all this
James havens September 13, 2021 04:36:28 PM
Why would we not consider just making people choose archery or rifle, seems as though there are three words or four because everybody who doesn’t get a rifle tag decides to go archery hunting instead when they are not true archers
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