Idaho Bow Hunters Charged By Grizzly

By FarWide September 27, 2021
Grizzly Fall

The morning of September 23 two bow hunters in eastern Idaho encountered a Grizzly sow with cubs. The bear charged the hunters with one hunter deploying bear spray while the other hunter shot the bear with a pistol mortally wounding it. Neither hunter was injured in the attack.

The attack took place in the Stamp Meadows area where earlier in the year two other attacks occurred. The first was July 9th when a lone trail runner was attacked by a grizzly sow and got away with non-life-threatening injuries. The second was July 30th when a mountain biker was chased by a grizzly sow with cubs.

Grizzly Bear

It is unclear if it was the same grizzly in any of the encounters. Fish and Game have since posted signs to warn of the danger. Fish and Game have also been trying to locate the cubs of the grizzly bear but due to the thick undergrowth of the attack area have had some difficulties.

2021 has been a year for bear attacks. But this doesn’t stop most of us from enjoying the great outdoors, as well as it shouldn’t. These things should be more of a reminder to be aware of your surroundings and always keep some sort of PPE when participating in outdoor activities where bears could be present. Things such as bear spray can make all the difference in a situation where you might need it.

Suggested Reading: https://www.farwide.com/farwide-alert-fatal-grizzly-attack-in-montana/



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