Hunting Dogs of Instagram: 10 Accounts to Follow

By FarWide September 13, 2020

A good hunting dog is not only your best friend, but also your most valuable partner when you set out for the season. Yesterday was National Dog Day, so today we’re honoring these canine companions by showcasing some of our favorite hunting dogs on Instagram. Follow these accounts to get inspiring updates from true masters of the hunt.

Post your hunting dog photos on Instagram with the hashtag #farwidehuntingdogs and we’ll share the best among them.

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Two charming GSPs who hunt and enjoy other adventures.


Chief is a pheasant hunting dog in training. The videos of his progress are particularly fun to watch.


These Australian boar hunting dogs are incredibly tough. Warning: This account isn’t for the faint of heart.


This account is run by James Harding, a gun dog trainer and wildlife photographer, and the results are stunning.


A photographer documents excursions with a beautiful black lab who retrieves wild game.


A lab, a German shepherd and two English springer spaniels train and hunt.


A golden and a yellow labrador hunt and retrieve together.


A breeder/trainer posts stunning photos of his hunting dogs.


Nevada bird dog trainer showcases dogs and techniques.

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New Zealand-based Big Game Indicating Dogs specializes in helping people train their own big game dogs.

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