Hunting and Fishing Illegal in Oregon…?

By FarWide July 23, 2021

The new petition making its way around Oregon, IP 13 would put a stop not just to hunting and fishing, but to the production of meat…all meat in Oregon. The more I read about this extreme and crazy concept, I can’t help but ask myself how far will things go? I truly can’t imagine raising kids in a place whereby just taking them fishing would be a felony.

No more meat

To move even further, we would no longer be able to harvest animals such as cattle, chickens, or hunt for our food. But would instead be forced to rely upon big business for our food sources for things such as “field and seed crops, fruits, nuts, and vegetables” quoted from the IP13 website.

Oh, but according to this cleverly worded website eating beef would not be illegal. You must just let the cow die of natural causes such as old age first. This would make the cost of raising these animals so high it would no longer be an economical choice. 

IP13 would also make artificial insemination of livestock a sexual offense.


List of New “Crimes” per IP13

All of these acts would become a crime if IP13 were to make it to the ballet and pass. This list and more information can be found here.

  • Treatment of livestock transported by owner or common carrier.
  • Rodeos or similar exhibitions.
  • Commercially grown poultry.
  • Use of good animal husbandry practices.
  • Slaughtering of livestock in compliance with state law.
  • Fishing, hunting and trapping otherwise lawful under state law.
  • Wildlife management practices under color of law.
  • Lawful scientific or agricultural research or teaching that involves the use of animals.
  • Reasonable measures to control of vermin or pests.
  • Reasonable handling and training techniques.

Hunting/Fishing Licenses and Conservation

How about let’s look at how the wildlife and the public lands of Oregon, and how the purchase of hunting and fishing licenses that “Improve habitat, open private lands to public access, enhance fishing opportunities, and protect fish, wildlife and their habitats for future generations.” – ODFW. One of the two largest sources of funds for ODWF is the purchase of hunting and fishing licenses and tags. This feeds into 58% of ODWFs funding or 260.08 million dollars from 2019-2021.

Learn More

Researching this topic I found a well-written article that I highly recommend. We don’t just need to put a stop to this kind of abuse of personal freedom, but this article brings to light how we need to protect our freedoms for future generations. I particularly would like to point you to the “Map of Right to Hunt States” section. Oregon To Outlaw Hunting? Why Your Right To Hunt Matters – Eastmans Blog.






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