How to Get Your Hunting License in GA

By FarWide December 18, 2020

In 2020 – 21, even with the Pandemic playing in the background, hunters are expected to make a beeline for fishing, tracking and hunting in Georgia. For this, they will require the requisite permits and hunting license in GA. The licenses are a must for participating in various outdoor activities in the State. If you have plans of visiting WRD properties and state shooting ranges, then what follows below will make your trip hassle-free and enjoyable. 

Here’s how to get your hands on the hunting and fishing licenses in Georgia. 

Availability of Hunting License in GA

  • Are you a resident of Georgia?
  • What are your choicest activities? 
  • For what duration do you desire an active license? 
  • What is your age? 

These and similar questions will require answers when you seek short-term licenses, licenses with limited privileges, or lifetime licenses with full-privileges. For those residing in Georgia, there are licenses at a discount for active-duty military, veterans, disabled citizens and seniors alike. 

What are the Basic Hunting Privileges in Georgia?

Deer-dog hunting, small game hunting, access to listed state properties, conditional participation in alligator hunts, etc. are some basic privileges granted to licensed hunters in Georgia. The specified hunter education requirements have to be duly met to avail the licenses that carry these hunting privileges; this is not needed for short-term licenses.

Along with accessibility to the listed state properties, the basic fishing privileges encompass most types of fishing in salt and freshwater, except mountain trout fishing. To enjoy saltwater fishing, you have to acquire the Saltwater Information Program (SIP) permit as well; it is free. Besides, a trout license is required for mountain trout fishing in Georgia

  • If you are a non-angler or a non-hunter, you may consider buying a basic fishing or hunting license as a low-cost option. You will need a Lands Pass grants to visit the listed properties in GA.
  • Once you purchase an annual license, it will be valid for 365 days from the date of its procurement. You may choose to stack it up to get yourself a license of any duration.
How do Short Term Hunting Licenses in GA Help?

The short-term licenses are helpful for anglers and hunters looking forward to short stints in the open. Valid for one day plus any additional days applied for, these licenses cover 24 hours and can be purchased for a future date. Once you have purchased the license, you may add on additional (consecutive) days at a per-day discounted rate. This is provided the license has not crossed its expiry date. 

Ask for the terms and conditions regarding residency, age and other considerations from the designated hunting license issuing authorities in advance. Remember, no other commercial licenses or tracking licenses are included in any kind of fishing or hunting license in GA. Transactions fees are applicable for all licenses purchased at a cost. 

Georgia Hunting License – Way Forward 

In line with your age, it may be necessary to procure the Hunter Education Certificate so that you are eligible to purchase a hunting license or permit. As per the experts at Farwide.com, ensure that you are buying the correct hunting license type in GA to avoid any complications later on. Get in touch with a Georgia–approved agent or the Department of Natural Resources (either online or offline) in Georgia to purchase the license you need. 

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