Game Hunting in the US

By FarWide December 18, 2020

With game hunting seasons coming up one after another in the remaining months of 2020 and 2021, you will crave shooting for accuracy and adventure. Game hunting is thrilling as well as challenging. Apart from keeping in mind the basic principles of hunting, skilled hunters take care of a few extra things that are sure to get them a big catch.

Whether you wish to hit the Florida turkey season in style or want to go deer hunting elsewhere, these tips will make your hunt more productive as you go game hunting in the US.

Top Tips to conquer Game Hunting in the US

Slow and Steady Wins

Patience is the key quality of successful hunters. They may be in the middle of a duck hunting season or on an elk hunting run, moving steadily while still-hunting. They stay put as long as required. 

Pro hunters prefer using their watch to understand the way forward rather than depend upon fellow guides. You too may want to decide how long you would like to stay and wait – five minutes, thirty minutes, or more? Keep a watch on the timer, and stay calm. Remember that a good hunt will come to the one who patiently waits!

Stay Quiet

Animals have powerful senses. Your quarry would remember the sound of that twig breaking under your foot for a long time. In case you end up making a loud noise, STOP. Remain in the state for as long as possible, especially if you sense animals nearby. Silence will make them relax and go back to whatever they were doing before they were disturbed.Your senses need to be as alert as your target.

Beware Of Instant Drops

Next Game hunting season, look out for the instant drops as what you assume may be deceiving. Your game may have gone down momentarily due to shock. The animals that fall to the ground in no time are quite likely to get up and run off after recovery. Just stay still; you may have to fire another quick shot. On the other hand, animals that drop after running some distance are likely to fetch big game hunting success.

Practice Quick Steps 

Have you purchased deer tags for hunting season 1? Game hunting will make you walk over noisy leaves, dry branches, and twigs. Avoid getting caught on the wrong foot. Try taking quick steps for 10-20 yards as you would do in a short sprint. Once you cover the distance, take a pause, and repeat. Go light on your footfalls to be safe.

Quit the Idea of Giving Up

At times, you may follow a blood trail that leads to nothing.  It implies that the animal is hit but is strong enough to keep moving. However, do not assume that there are no fatal wounds.  Don’t quit, keep following your quarry for as long as you can and keep up with the blood trail. Get down on your fours if need be; keep on the spoor to get the best results.

Hunting Strategies and Tips
Hunting Strategies and Tips
Make the most out of your Game Hunt

Along with the above game hunt strategies and tips, try anticipating your quarry’s resting or hiding spot once the stalking is over.  Before you begin, observe the animal long enough to understand its travel rate and other traits. 

Assess your destination in line with how you saw it walking or feeding. It’s not easy to track and stalk the quicker and more sure-footed of the lot. Plan your moves wisely.

You can pre-study aerial pictures of your hunting area to familiarise yourself with the territory. Farwide provides detailed web maps that can help you understand your terrain and plan your game hunting strategy accordingly.

At Farwide.com, we bring you real-life examples and tips to guide your turkey season, duck season, or any other hunting season for which you may have purchased the licenses. Do check out our resources for a great outdoor experience.

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