FarWide’s Position on Hunting

By FarWide September 7, 2020

For Hunters

Farwide’s position on Hunting, At FarWide we believe in hunting as an American tradition and a cornerstone of wildlife conservation. We recognize that not all users hunt but simplify the experience for those that do. Responsible hunting is tied directly to staying within wildlife laws. FarWide helps users avoid common hunting violations such as trespassing, over harvest and hunting out of season. In addition to simplifying hunting regulations, FarWide makes hunting more accessible to more people. Presenting our platform free of charge creates a community of engagement. We encourage our users to share what they find on FarWide. For new hunters, FarWide replaces the close mentorship normally needed start hunting. In a world of increasing urbanization, we see FarWide as an alley connecting hunters to the outdoors. Engaging and recruiting more hunters means more money available to conservation, that is a goal we can get behind.

For Non-Hunters

We encourage you to at least understand hunting. The pursuit of a wild animal puts humans back in touch with the food chain. Sitting patiently allows time to experience an entire ecosystem. Yes, a hunter is there to pursue a particular species but that pursuit is deeply tied to all other components of the environment. Hunters need to find their way to the exact location that attracts their target. Understanding the entire environment is vital to predicting where deer will be or which hedgerows hold upland birds. Each trip builds upon the last and allows hunters to better understand their natural world. Connecting this intimately is the ultimate challenge and offers both physical and mental hurdles. A successful harvest is not required but pulling a meal together from a wild animal is extremely satisfying.

For Everyone

Throughout the country, there are innumerable variations on hunting. FarWide encourages our users to expand their horizons locally and nationally. Our cultivation of open data and information is built to improve the lives of every user. Discover new information about the world outside your daily life and dive into nature. The more people we get outside hunting or otherwise, the more value and protection we can give to our natural resources.

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