FarWide: The technology company ready for the next phase of outdoor recreation

By FarWide September 10, 2020

FarWide is a technology company built for the future of outdoor recreation. Our goal is to make information related to hunting, fishing and any other outdoor pursuit easily accessible and intelligent. There are enough hurdles to getting outside, lack of information is no longer one of them. We use data from hundreds of sources to present our users with clean, concise information. As we build towards the future we will curate relevant content to users in real time.


Everyone from the first-time hunter looking for a spot to the seasoned fisherman looking for a new route to an old favorite will benefit from FarWide. Interactive basemaps are going to get you where you want to be; land ownership parcels including private and public land will show you who’s in charge. Overlay data on FarWide ranges from fish attractors to parking lots and hiking trails, all designed to allow users to capitalize on their time outside.

Geographic information is one thing but FarWide is also able to give other key information needed to hunt and fish. Our regulation sections provide information such as bag limits, season dates, and license requirements. Fisherman can check river levels in real time, and big game hunters can interact with historical harvest data.

In the Field

Once you have penciled out a plan take FarWide in the field with you. The ability to download data for offline use is paramount to FarWide’s utility. You no longer need to carry around a regulation booklet, plat map or high-tech GPS; FarWide has integrated all that information into one platform available on your smartphone.

FarWide also allows for collaboration. Any waypoints, tracks, or areas you favorite, are instantly shareable to your trusted circle of buddies. Sharing a pin is way easier than trying to describe that honey hole on the far side of the mountain.

Why it Matters

Our company is built and maintained by people with a real passion for the outdoors. Though we spend significant time behind the screen, we are working to buy time in the outdoors, just like our users. FarWide is delivered free of charge so that there are no financial barriers to accessing what we have built. It is core to our company that people maintain engagement in the outdoors. Presenting valuable information in a user-friendly package is our contribution to conservation.

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