By FarWide July 9, 2021
Arizona Wildfire
Forest Service

Per the Arizona Emergency Information Network

“As of 8 am on June 25, 2021, closures will be implemented on state-owned and managed lands in all 15 counties. All state-owned and managed lands are closed to entry for recreational purposes, including hunting, camping, and off-road vehicle use.”

Arizona, like other southwestern states, is in a severe drought. And the woods are as dry as ever with fire danger high and fire fighting resources spread thin. For this reason, there are closures being put into place. Know where you can go and check with local resources like USFS and BLM offices for current area closures and restrictions. 


With archery season fast approaching and a lot of hunters who have waited a long time, decades in some cases, to draw a coveted Arizona elk tag these closures may seem like a real roadblock to success.

We need everyone to be vigilant and help keep the wildfire season to a minimum. Adhere to the closures and be careful when you are in the field to not have hot exhaust on dry grass, campfires, or cookstoves too close to the ground. Hopefully, August rains will come and bring moisture much needed to get the forest open before the upcoming hunting seasons.
We will keep you updated

Resource Link: https://ein.az.gov/emergency-information/emergency-bulletin/state-land-closures-take-effect-friday

Update – July 9th, 2021

*As of July 9th, 2021 many of the state land fire restriction closures have been lifted and moved to stage 2. Here is a list of those counties.

To get the most recent Arizona fire restriction information on closures near you check this interactive map.

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