Duck Hunting

Duck Hunting in New York State: Take a Friend!

By FarWide September 11, 2020
Duck Hunting

If you have a serious passion for hunting, chances are good that many of your friends do, too. The drive to get outside is a bond you share and one you should cultivate. As with all hobbies, life often gets in the way and restricts our opportunities to hunt. FarWide is here to help. Especially if the topic is duck hunting in New York state.

Next time you fire up FarWide to plan a day trip or long weekend in the woods take a minute before you start to decide who you are going to bring. Pick a friend that hasn’t experienced what you are about to get into. Show them a new spot, give them a new challenge, or give them a shot at harvesting a new species. Don’t waste time going to multiple sources to piece your trip together. Use FarWide to easily pick your destination, find access points, and double check your regulations.

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Maybe you and your friend are looking for places to go duck hunting in New York state. Here are a few places you can check out:

Check the sunrise one more time and tell your buddy when to be ready. But just before you start your turn by turn navigation on FarWide give them the final caveat, you don’t come unless you plan the next one!

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