Deer Tags – A Closer Look

By FarWide December 23, 2020

“Have you got the deer tags for this season?”

“Till when are the tags valid?”

“Did you carry back any or have used them all?”

While such lines make full sense to hunters, they may leave beginners and the inexperienced lot confused. Non-hunters would also want to understand what are tags, how to get them, what’s legal about tagging a deer, over-the-countertop tags options, and more. Here, we aim to address these jargons that are a norm with the US hunting community. 

What do you Mean by Deer Tags?

Deer tags are obligatory for all deer hunters. Regardless of their age or the license they carry, it is critical for all hunters to obtain these tags and keep it with them while hunting deer. Different states have different regulations in place for obtaining and using deer tags in different seasons. The harvest information gathered via tagging and validation is used for setting all future deer hunting seasons and their limits.

Tagging a Deer

Once the deer is harvested it has to be tagged with the relevant carcass tag. The details about the name of county and property, date and month of the kill, have to be filled in accurately and neatly. There should be no ink-outs. Only after the hunting license tag is duly filled in can the deer be field-dressed, moved away from where it was hunted down, or tagged. The parish and date of the killing have to be recorded by the hunter on the tag, harvest report and tag license. 

  • The hunter has to use the tags that are specific to each kind of deer. For example, buck tags can be used only for bucks while the antlerless tags have to be used for the antlerless deer only.
  • The tag has to be attached on any part of the harvest but it should not get lost, damaged or defaced when the deer is being handled or moved. 
  • The permit or tag will remain on the dead animal until it is quartered at the hunter’s final destination. 
What’s Legal when it comes to Deer Tagging?

Every state that allows hunting in US has certain laws in place for deer tags. For example, while in Texas, it is not legal to:

  • Use the same tag more than once or for harvesting multiple deer
  • Allow other hunters to use the tags obtained in your name
  • Use the tags given against the license of any other hunter
  • Use the incorrect tag for hunting another type of deer
States Providing Over-The-Counter Deer Tags and Their Options

Most hunters manage to pull out deer tags and start planning their trip in the wild. Unfortunately, there are some who fail to get the tags. They can go for other over-the-counter, last-minute options to enjoy their hunts.  Given below are some last resort options that may be considered. 

Tags forStates that Provide Over-The-Counter Tag Options
Whitetail Deer
Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan
Blacktail Deer
Coastal rainforests of Oregon and Washington, Alaska
Mule DeerIdaho, Arizona
ElkColorado, Idaho
Black BearMontana, Idaho
Nebraska, Colorado
Caribou and MooseAlaska

Mandatory Hunter Reporting

A hunter report has to be filled in and filed by all those who have been issued, or have bought over the counter deer tags. It is mandatory to file the hunter report even if no deer have been harvested, or even if the person has not participated in the hunt. Any attempt to provide misleading or false information, or failure to report, is illegal. The hunter may be penalized, fined or barred from getting tags or licenses in the next annual season. 

Why Choose Farwide.com?

It helps to get in touch with hunting experts to understand the other aspects of deer tagging, the rules that apply to different countries and hunting properties, what to do if a deer tag gets lost, how states issue hunting tags and licenses, and other relevant information. You may want to reach out to experienced professionals and hunters at Farwide.com to plan your next adventure, well in time and in a more streamlined manner. Right away.

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