Connecticut Hunting Information Now on FarWide!

By FarWide September 11, 2020

Great news for hunters in Connecticut: With the addition of the Nutmeg State’s hunting rules and regulations this week, FarWide now contains key hunting information for 35 states, as well as fishing regulations for 24 states. Our goal is to have hunting regulations for all 50 states completed sometime in 2019, and freshwater fishing regulations for all 50 states by midsummer of 2019.

For a small, densely populated state, Connecticut offers hunters a surprisingly rich number of opportunities to get in the field. There are good opportunities statewide for deer and turkey, and because of the state’s location on the eastern flyway, waterfowl opportunities are pretty good, too. This being a coastal state, there’s a sea duck season, too, opening November 12. Hunting localities abound, with many state wildlife management areas and state forests posted for hunting.

CT DEEP estimates that the bear population is increasing at roughly 10% annually. But despite the 7,543 reporting sightings across Connecticut in the past year, there is not currently an open hunting season for black bear.

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If you’re looking to get out today, several species are now in season, including clapper and king rails, Canada geese (in the state’s north zone), crow, grey squirrel, woodchuck, and Virginia and sora rails. Dying to deer hunt? Private land archery season starts statewide soon, on September 15.

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Connecticut, like most states, hosts pest species, so it offers a year-round open season on coyotes and two long crow seasons.

You can see all your many Connecticut hunting choices here. And as always, be sure to check rules, regulations and licensing requirements before heading into the field.

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