Be a good hunting partner – The FarWide way

By FarWide September 10, 2020

Hunting is a social sport and the best hunts are remembered through time spent with friends in the outdoors. It is important to have a good group of partners and for everyone to add to that group. Every hunting party needs someone with access to the prime property, the friend with the top of the line gear, the old veteran with intimate knowledge of the quarry, and of course someone with a reliable flow of snacks to go around.

FarWide has introduced a new role that needs to be filled in every hunting party, the information master. When it’s time to check regulations, change tactics, or find a new spot the information master will be called on. Open up FarWide and show your friends that the set back regulation is in fact 500 feet, check your proximity to the property boundary, or navigate to the next spot. Don’t leave your hunting buddies in the dark though share a few pins on the FarWide app and let them do some digital exploring themselves.

Here are a few suggestions to help you and your group get going this hunting season.

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