A Holiday for Hunters and Anglers

By FarWide September 10, 2020

Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday for a hunter or angler. The celebration of a great harvest should resonate with anyone directly connected to a portion of their food. This great feast is an opportunity to dig into the freezer and prepare a wild game dish for family and friends. There is, however, more than the physical harvest to be thankful for as millions fight traffic to be with cherished company.

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There is a harvest of opportunity in every outdoor pursuit. The ability to set time aside, and the capacity to get outside, are both signs of a different type of successful harvest. There is also a non-consumptive harvest of natural resources omnipresent in every outdoor pursuit. Hunters and anglers harvest a sense of relaxation, and connection to the world whenever they step off the pavement. Reaching bag limits becomes less critical when a person can appreciate these additional returns.

This Thanksgiving FarWide encourages you to take time to reflect on all your harvests. Don’t pause too long though, because it is also important to harvest those bonus days off from work! Hunting and fishing seasons are open throughout the country. FarWide hopes you’ve got a long weekend to keep working on this year’s harvest.

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